Other Equipment

Other Equipment
As per our client’s request and in order to achieve our main goal - to be a reliable single source solution-, in addition to the aforesaid equipment, we supply, install and repair other equipment which are needed by our customers. Some of the most important equipment which TAPCO is able to provide all the services for them are listed hereunder:

Valves & Desuperheaters:
We supply, install and repair all types of valves including Control, Solenoid, Safety, Motor Operated (MOV), Pressure Relief (PRV), Choke Valves & Desuperheaters.
Our valves and Desuperheaters are designed with considering all client’s requirements, fast reaction and ease of maintenance.

Fixed Equipment:

We supply, install and retrofit a wide range of fixed equipment which are used in Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Food, Cement, Iron & Steel and other industries. These equipment are including Reactors, Pressure Vessels, Drums, Heat Exchangers, Separators, Strippers, Converters and All types of Heaters etc.

Training Softwares:

Rotary and fixed equipment are sensitive and usually expensive, so having enough acknowledge is necessary for all the specialists who work with them. Consequently training plays a key role and should be taken in to the account with high priority. TAPCO supplies a range of computer based training software (CBT) courses for industrial maintenance experts and operators. These courses are provided in several levels from beginner to advance and can be useful for industrial plant operators, mechanical maintenance engineers and technicians. this software uses professional animations to show all the equipment in details and teach the assembly and disassembly procedures step by step.
Topics which are covered by this software are:

Centrifugal Pumps Training Course
Positive Displacement Pumps Training Course
All Types Compressors Training Course
Steam Turbines Training Course
Valves Training Course
Mechanical Seals Training Course
Heat Exchangers Training Course
Condition Monitoring / Vibration Analysis Training Course
Rotary Equipment alignment Training Course
Distillation Training Course
Oil & Gas Exploration Training Course
Industrial Hydraulic Training Course
Oily Water Separators Training Course
Crane Hydraulic Circuit Training Course